The Mysterious Jacket

   Ironically, it was grandfather's old corduroy blazer that changed the order of things in our family. Once at a party, we were truly swept away by the discovery and what grandfather had to tell about it. After jacket's remarkable mystery had been uncovered, it appeared rather new than old to us all.
Here is the detailed description of that famous blazer. Grandfather's jacket was really, really old – minimum forty years of age. It was quite shabby then – worn out by time, weather, and my grandfather. It was a double-breasted dark-brown corduroy blazer with one front and two side pockets and a lapel collar. My grandfather's initials V.T. were embroidered on the front pocket, which gave that jacket a very authentic look. Brass buttons shone on that jacket like gold, especially when my grandfather was sitting in front of the fire of the fireplace. According to my mother, that jacket had to be made by a professional tailor, because it fit my grandfather perfectly and was very well-made.
My grandfather was in love with that corduroy blazer and worn it practically everywhere, not only for the party, including visits to friends and family, and appearances in public. He explained to us his unconventional attachment to that particular piece of his wardrobe in the following way. Apparently, some decades ago a recognized local tailor from Luton had made that blazer for him for a large sum of money. The jacket fit perfectly, which made my grandfather extremely happy and devoted to that jacket completely. In 19** at grandfather's famous Halloween Murder and Mystery party I learned more about my grandfather and his jacket than I had ever imagined.

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