My Grandfather

   My grandfather rarely organized family parties of his own, because of his old age, but when he did they were really extraordinary. Our people used to buy clothes in Kohls Promo Code, Sears Coupon Code, or Target Promo Code and I often joined them. I will never forget his staged Murder and Mystery costume-party, where family members had to act and dress as people of certain country and culture, investigating cunning crimes against people and governments. Grandpa always acted as a main storyteller at such a party and with his detailed knowledge of geography and sailing, game seemed a reality. We sailed with him through dangerous oceans, flu on huge dinosaurs, visited foreign kings and queens, and fought with fearless pirates. In my childhood I would wear a pretty jackets with my favorite denim jeans.
   Grandpa was always nice to me and my brother and we loved him dearly in return. He was a funny old man with round wrinkled face, framed by dark bushy eyebrows, and clever eyes. After my grandmother had died, he moved from Luton to London closer to us and spent much of his time exploring the ancient city. And while he did change his home, he had never altered his habits – he talked in jokes and dressed in an old corduroy blazer jacket – exactly the same way as when I was little.

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